Night Fashion

The magic of the night, the visiting card for a special evening, precious and packed with surprises.
Recommended itineraries: discotheque, theatre, parties.


At first glance it might look like an embossed and embroidered fabric but it’s just a deception and a new approach is therefore needed.
A closer and scrutinizing look perceives something in the texture of the two clutches different and we wonder what kind of leather may have been used to make the golden sands and the turquoise foams of the clearest waters.
The two sea creatures in cast bronze, chiseled and polished by hand, finished with accurate expertise seem to float and release bubbles of citrine quartz, turquoise, golden balls and sea water chips.


Nature is the best source of inspiration for even the most refined clutches and for special occasions so the intricate tangles of autumn brambles are transformed into branches and twigs in cast bronze and the tiny cavities and encrustations are the safe haven for small rhinestone lights.
The iridescent python skin has the tones of autumn leaves when the dark green turns to amaranth red.


And the functionality of the shapes and use? Where do we put it?
Certainly in this creation that combines the delicacy of the satin effect leather with the practicality of the laminated reptile bracelet for cocktails and finger food evenings: hands free and absolute freedom of movement. The floral boule in cast bronze is a constellation of small flowers and delicate twigs that seem to be governed and disciplined by skilled pruners expert in the topiary art typical of Renaissance gardens.

La Collezione

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