Every Day Chic

The Mood lndigo day is a voyage of discovery.
Original and fun, a combination of unusual and distinctive materials and trealments. Recommended itineraries museums, art galleries, shopping.


It is from that particular shade of acid yellow that this bag was born.
The cast bronze horse is not a prisoner, it is free to run on the dunes laden with gorse shining where gold melts with the chocolate of the now mature sorghum flowers.
The soft calf leather enhances the rigidity of the leather harnesses treated with vegetable tanning and our hand-chiseled bronze horse laughs free and off …!


The color of the brandy in the refined Bohemian glass, the weave of the wicker armchair underneath the patio on a still warm September evening inspired me this bag that capacious and functional blends the soft but resistant vegetable tanned leather with the laser-cut weave.


Many luminous fireflies in the dark summer night, the soft nappa is embossed with special embroidery machines and the bronze shades on the black of the leather are hand-coated and polished one by one to recreate that patina of antiquing typical of Etruscan jewels.

La Collezione

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