Mood Indigo Project

There are no limits or pre-established schemes, the only imperative is to always be protagonists. The craftsmanship of the leather that starts from ancient and original artistic skills are used to create flowers and leaves with attention to the smallest details.

Mood lndigo Project is the part of Mood Indigo reserved for companies and is proposed as a partner for the creation of bag lines, samples or product ideas.
The services offered are: creative / production consultancy, materials research, model study, prototype creation.
The technical and artistic ability to interpret materials of different nature: leather, fur, reptile and natural fibers, metal with hard and semiprecious stones worked as in goldsmith’s, rubber and hand-chiseled resins, guarantees increasingly exclusive and innovative products.

In addition to top quality leather in the most incredible colors, we also make our creations in synthetic materials such as PVC, which is increasingly trendy in the field of clothing and footwear.

Swarovski rhinestones, silk and leather weaves, feathers of all types and colors further embellish the creations.

The accessories in bronze and brass chiseled and finished by skilled hands used to working noble metals are an exclusive of Mood Indigo which, starting from an original idea after having designed and executed the prototype of the brass or wax object, entrusts it to the Florentine expert founders to obtain original creations with the lost-wax or investment casting technique; an ancient method used through the centuries in both sculpture and goldsmithing to give shape to creativity and imagination.