Etno Couture

Ethnic reinterpreted by Mood Indigo.
Signs and impressions which talk of distant lands and traditional techniques brought up to date and passed through the filter of innovation and research.
Recommended itineraries: ethnic restaurant, exotic travel, themed evenings.


Cotton and pure linen cords are hand embroidered on tanned sheepskin
with vegetable. The motifs recall the scrolls and weaves of Renaissance tapestries but reported with a vintage taste that is enhanced by infills that follow ancient traditions of the colors of the leathers with earths torn from nature and diluted with secret products of our master leather craftsmen.


I always start with leathers that, even if very resistant, must be soft and light in the first place. Under an apparent peel of exotic woods, the ductile leather is screen-printed, scarified, the evening using new techniques for processes that seem to come out of ancient artisan shops. The delicacy of the silk-screened leaves on the surface of the leather, the nappa fringes and the small bronze balls give an exotic look to the line.


Precious exotic leathers such as laminated “galuchat” and enriched with details such as jasper and horn, are illuminated by gold and copper powders.
Like a wild goddess who moves sinuously through the sunny streets of the busiest metropolises or who instead prefers to immerse herself in secret basins immersed in the truest and most solitary nature, so these accessories can change connotation and use to blend with the personality of the wearer.

The Collection

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