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No limits, no established moulds, the only imperative is to always be
the protagonist.
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“Entering the labyrinths you risk getting lost”
From the primordial idea of ​​mythological paths, anthropological tunnels, the labyrinth bag or Daidalos was born. Whoever is about to enter the secret of openness, in the center of an object that in itself should speak of functionality, realizes that this is no longer the case; the challenge becomes difficult and even a simple gesture turns into a business.

The easier things get tangled but the difficulties smooth out and resolve themselves
in one gesture: just believe it!

From a project by Sebastiano Serlio, from Bologna (1475-1554), an extremely elegant architectural theorist, the idea of ​​a labyrinth in chiseled metal applied to the flap of the perfect bag that opens only with a … click.

Precious leathers and golden metal for a primary representation of the human soul: the journey, the path fraught with difficulties and impediments tends to the center of the bag that will open only for some, revealing the secrets that only a woman can imagine hidden from you.


The recent resolution of the last annotation of the theorem of the Greek mathematician Apollonius of Perga was the spark that gave birth to this bag that can go from a circular shape when closed, to three containers as superimposed drops of increasing size.

The circumference, as the theorem describes, is in close geometric relationship with the three smallest circles that can be ideally constructed starting from the drops. The delicate suede combines with the shiny reptile for a play of light and shadow and the cast bronze closures represent the Mood Indigo logo built according to the laws of the golden section.

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